7 fuelling systems has left the Helifuel yard since March.

Another Helicopter Refuelling System for Major Client Nears Completion.

The finishing touches are being applied to this beauty.
This is a helicopter refuelling system complying with standards such as CAP 437, US Coast Guard, ABS class regulations and a number of customized standards.When operating in the aviation industry safety is the key to every part of the process and this system includes a number of safety measures.

Many fuelling systems were in production when the world was hit by the Corona virus.

Despite the global impacts of Covid19, Helifuel has managed to complete and deliver Helifuel systems for our clients.
In fact, seven fuelling systems have left the Helifuel yard since the world was impacted by the Covid-19.
Working from home offices, stringent travelling routines and safety office and workshop entrance restrictions are some of the measures we have introduced.

Meetings that would normally be face to face have been handled through video conferences.
Helifuel has provided live feed video monitoring which allows our clients to oversee and interact with factory acceptance testing (FAT) in real time.


Safety and progress is key.

During the last few months we have focused on the following:

  • Ensure safety for all parties involved including employees, vendors and clients.
  • Continue the production as planned.

We will continue focusing on our two goals going forward – safety and progress.