Company history

Year 1996: Company was established by experienced personnel with a good plan. 2 owners whom both worked for the company.

Year 1997: 4 employees, turnover 7 mill NOK, healthy results

Year 1997 – 2003: The company was growing, 10 employees, turnover 20 mill NOK

Year 2003: One of two owners left the company and sold his company shares to co-owner. 2 external investors bought 34% and 10% of the shares. 1 of the two establishers continued working for the company and kept 56% of the shares.

Year 2003 – 2014: Continues controlled growth, 20 employees, turnover 50 mill NOK

Year 2014: New growth strategy was settled, large investments was done to strengthen the company position.

Year 2015: Same owners as 2003, updated products, updated locations, updated systems and updated company profile.

Year 2016: Struggling with the low oil price, but still keeping healthy.

Year 2017: Moving in right direction, growing and gaining turnover in different industries such as offshore wind.

Year 2018: Still growing, expanding product portfolio, taking larger market shares within different industries.

Year 2020: Helifuel AS is acquired by Swire Energy Services, part of the global conglomerate, the Swire group.