New sales engineer joins Helifuel

Hans Olav Alfsvåg has joined Helifuel as a sales engineer and has already completed his first week in his new job. He has a background as an electrician and has worked a great deal with automation. He also has extensive experience from a range of companies in the maritime sector.

“I have followed Helifuel for a long time and know the company. Helifuel has positioned itself well and has an exciting future with great potential. This is a excellent opportunity for me and it is good to get started,” says Hans Olav.

The energetic Bømlo native comes to us from the maritime sector in the Sunnhordland district of western Norway and has previously worked for Apply, Wärtsila and, most recently, as a department head with Rapp Marine at Rubbestadneset, a village in Bømlo municipality.

“The advantage of working for a smaller company is that the path to decisions is shorter so we can get started quickly. Those are important qualities at Helifuel,” he says.

“For me, it’s really learning the products. I hope I can be an strong asset in engineering, quality assurance and, not least, sales,” says Hans Olav.

Hans Olav has three grown children, two grandchildren and lives with his wife in Bømlo.

We are delighted to welcome Hans Olav Alfsvåg to the Helifuel team.

The art of in-flight refuelling

Norway’s frigates safeguard the country’s territorial and economic interests under difficult conditions. The Royal Norwegian Navy has chosen Helifuel’s HIFR system for in-flight refuelling of helicopters from five ships.


Few ships can measure up to those serving the mission of the Royal Norwegian Navy. These ships patrol huge ocean areas in all weather conditions along Norway’s coast, around the Svalbard archipelago, in the Barents Sea, in arctic regions and along the Russian border. The Navy operates all along the nation’s coast, with special emphasis on the northernmost part. All 15 vessels must be operative regardless of conditions, and depend on helicopters, which need regular refuelling, to do their jobs.


Helifuel’s product called HIFR, which stands for Helicopter In-flight Refuelling, helps them complete their missions.

The order covers five frigates. The formal customer is the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation.

“If the waves are too big, helicopters simply can’t land on the helideck. So the helicopter uses its own winch to lift a hose that allows it to refuel,” explains Oddvar Østensvik, Helifuel sales manager.


Such operations place extreme demands on safety and functionality for pilots, crew and equipment.

“Helifuel must be top notch. This patent was painstakingly developed and thoroughly tested. In this industry and with such customers, there is no room for half measures,” says Østensvik.


“Delivering Helifuel’s system to the Navy is purely and simply an honour. We know the importance of the job they do and how demanding it can be. This is a real feather in the caps of those of us who work with Helifuel’s fuelling systems every single day. We’ve proven that our products don’t just meet requirements, but are the preferred solution in a sector where faults or shortcomings are never an option,” says Helifuel’s CEO Jorunn Håvardsholm.

From Nor-Shipping to London’s wind power

“Many companies are represented at these exhibitions. The number of visitors in total may be lower with the market downturn but those who come are the ones you want to talk to, they are there for a reason. Decision makers and key players. That makes these meetings even more relevant, “says Helifuel CEO Jorunn Håvardsholm.

Spring and summer months are marked by major conferences and exhibitions at important venues in Houston, Oslo and London. Jorunn Håvardsholm, CEO of Helifuel, has visited them all and sums up experiences and changes.

“We have established relations and we have supplied helicopter refuelling systems to several shipowners and shipyards, which are well represented in the shipping arenas. We also work close with the designers on several projects. It is good to meet exisiting and new faces during these events. If I were to single out one thing that has changed after the decline in oil prices it would be about the people who now participate in these gatherings. Now, we meet the right people, precisely the ones we need to talk to,” she says.

“While the oilprice was high the exhibitions had higher number of visitors, especially OTC in Houston was quiet this year from that point. The activity is low and that off-course affects the exhibitions. However, those who visit now are there for a reason, not just for inspiration.”

Helifuel have supplied several helicopter refuelling systems to the US market during the years to oil companies, engineering companies and rig owners.

“Another important perspective taking part in these exhibitions is the value of meeting customers at their own stands. Walk around. We all work with our own products and services and want the chance to talk about our thoughts and ourselves at our booth. It’s incredibly interesting to listen to client and partners views and to learn about their experiences in a changing market,” says Håvardsholm.

“Of course, it’s mostly about technology and competitiveness, but that is not enough without good relationships and trust,” she adds.

She virtually travelled straight from Nor-Shipping in Lillestrom, near Oslo, to a wind energy conference in London. Helifuel is a member of Norwegian Energy Partners and was part of its delegation to the Offshore Wind Energy conference.

“The growth in the wind segment also gathers companies from oil and shipping industry and we meet some of the same companies and the people there. In addition, we meet new players who takes a big part in this specific industry and who are not part of other industries we know well.” says Håvardsholm.

Helifuel are at time being building three helicopter refuelling systems to be installed on the sub-stations at the Hornsea One project for Dong Energy.

Many of the large wind farms at sea will be built in the future. Technology and business models are still being shaped. Since 1991, more than 59 billion euros has been raised and invested in the European offshore wind industry. Based on the prevailing market situation, Norwegian Energy Partners estimates another 100 billion will be invested between 2017 and 2030, a sum that approaches a Norwegian national budget.

“It’s about positioning, being where it’s happening and understanding the range of the projects. We do not yet know what needs have to be met and what the final scope will be. All I can promise is that Helifuel will be there!” she says.

Helifuel wins Arctic order

Helifuel are in the phase of delivering a complete refuelling system for a research vessel to operate in the Arctic

Helifuel’s technology and products are used in a variety of markets, including on offshore rigs and vessels, yachts and naval ships. The Sveio, Norway company tirelessly pursues new market segments and is pleased to announce an order that can fit into more than one of these categories: A research vessel.


“We’re delivering a complete system that works in all conditions. This ship has helideck and will be table to fly both personnel and tourists in arctic regions. Such orders have strict conditions and in this case the tank is concealed under the deck,” says Helifuel head of sales and co-owner Oddvar Østensvik.


He sees exciting opportunities in a market that could easily be overlooked.


“We got a query from the shipping company that wondered what products we could deliver. They had heard about Helifuel through our other customers. That just proves that every order and delivery can be a step toward the next order,” says Østensvik.


The ship is being built at Uljanik Shipyards in Croatia and Helifuel’s system will be delivered during the fourth quarter of this year.



We are hiring – Sales engineer helicopter refuelling systems

 ‘Helifuel søker salgsingeniør for leveranse av helikopterfyllesystemer.

Jobben som salgsingeniør innebærer:

    • Delta i pro-aktive aktiviteter for å forstå bransjens behov i dag og fremover, inkludert salg og markedsføringsaktiviteter mot potensielle og eksisterende kunder.
    • Imøtekomme våre kunders behov med eksisterende og nyutviklede løsninger som utarbeides i samarbeid med øvrig personell innen utvikling, konstruksjon og prosjekt.
    • Utarbeide salgsdokumentasjon tilhørende ovenstående punkter.
    • Delta i prosjektleveranse etter behov.
    • Rapportering i henhold til selskapets styringssystem.

Vedkommende besitter:

    • Ingeniørfaglig utdannelse.
    • Kommersiell erfaring – tilbud/kontrakt.
    • Erfaring med dokumentasjonskrav i maritim bransje.
    • Salgserfaring, henholdsvis mot tyngre internasjonale spesifikasjoner for maritim industry.
    • Maritim bransjeerfaring, minimum 10 år.
    • Prosjektledererfaring.
    • Autocad / Inventor erfaring er en fordel.
    • God kommunikasjonsegenskaper skriftlig og muntlig, minimum norsk og engelsk.

Tiltredelse snarest eller etter avtale

Søknadsfrist: 30 juni 2017. Spørsmål kan henvendes til Oddvar Østensvik tlf +47 934 34 126, e-mail



Helifuel delivers for extreme conditions

Helifuel has delivered a complete helicopter refueling system for Statoil’s Aasta Hansteen platform, which may be the most extreme development project on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Statoil purchased Helifuel’s equipment package directly for the Aasta Hansteen platform in the Norwegian Sea. Other packages was provided by the Hyundai shipyard in South Korea. The extraordinary Aasta Hansteen project has been called Statoil’s ‘final exam.’ It is more than 300 kilometers from land, in water depths of 1,300 meters deep and north of the Arctic Circle. Most things about Aasta Hansteen are extreme: The weather, the wind, the frigid temperatures and the distances.

“There can’t be any mistakes. Everything has to work from day one. For us, a contract like this is a major vote of confidence,” says Jorunn Håvardsholm, managing director of Helifuel

Standards and quality

“The fact of the matter is that helicopter refueling systems affect everyone traveling to or from a platform, so this is not the first time we have seen an owner wanting full control of the procurement process,” continues Håvardsholm.

As far as possible, Statoil wanted standardized solutions to keep costs down. This system is based on Helifuel’s standard solutions with minor adjustments.

Helifuel has developed a standard portfolio over many years that is highly flexible and well proven in the market.

Safe and user-friendly

“For projects like this there has to be a tight dialogue with the engineers and _ above all _ with the users of the helicopter refueling system. It is easy to overlook the role of the user in such processes. Statoil has done a very good job of including those who regularly use the equipment,” says Håvardsholm.

Unusual circumstances meant that the Statoil contract had a very short delivery time.

“For Helifuel, this was a sort of exam. Delivering agreed quality on time is the best gateway to new contracts,” says Håvardsholm.

The industry is very focused on delivery deadlines being met, since delays can lead to major financial losses.

“Helifuel’s record proves that our staff can spring into action and deliver quickly. We have a lot of practice in such situations,” says Håvardsholm.


Facts about Aasta Hansteen:

  • On the same latitude as the city of Bodø, north of the Arctic Circle.
  • Strong currents and large waves make the waters difficult to work in.
  • Water depths if 1,300 meters, 300 kilometers from land.
  • Water temperature of minus 1.5C on the seabed.
  • Estimated recoverable reserves of 47 billion standard cubic meters of gas.
  • Online by the end of 2018.
  • Statoil is the operator.



Helifuel rental systems for Solstad Offshore

Helifuel have recently delivered 2 complete Helifuel system for rental to Solstad Offshore vessels. The systems will be used on the Normand Vision and the Normand Reach.

Solstad Offshore has since the beginning in 1964, grown to become a global company. Solstad operates advanced vessels all over the world, often under extreme weather conditions. The Solstad Offshore (SOFF) fleet consists of about 61 fully owned/jointly owned vessels. The activities of Solstad Offshore are aimed towards the offshore petroleum industry, subdivided into 3 segments of the market including Platform supply-vessels (PSV), Anchor-handling-vessels (AHTS) and Construction service-vessels (CSV)


“We are very happy to be the chosen vendor of these systems. Helifuel supplies systems for worldwide applications and have complete systems for rental on stock.”  says Oddvar Østensvik, VP Sales Helifuel.

“We appreciate that to invest in a helicopter refuelling systems is not always required. To rent a complete system ready for installation is a very good alternative for shorter and longer operations. Especially when the operation periods are short or uncertain.
Our rental Helifuel system fleet contains models and features designed for rental purposes requiring flexible solutions to fit the different applications in the market”
  he continues.


Normand Vision

Normand Vision is a high capacity Construction Support Vessel (CSV) of type VARD 3 06. The vessel is built for heavy construction work, and is highly advanced when it comes to station keeping, efficiency and operational performance.Equipped with a 3000t carousel, a 150t Vertical Lay Spread System (VLS), a 400t Active Heave Compensated (AHC) crane and launch system for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), she is designed to operate efficiently under demanding conditions and is purpose built for SURF (Subsea structures, Umbilicals, Risers, Flowlines) operations.

Normand Reach

Normand Reach has an overall length of 121 meters, 23 meters beam, 1300 square meters of deck, 7,2×7,2m working moonpool and a 250 ton subsea construction crane. The integrated ROV hangar features handling equipment for both over-side and moonpool launch; enabling ROV launch in high sea states. The vessel has accommodation for 100 people and is designed according to the latest environmental standards with focus on comfort and fuel consumption, and complies with DNV’s Clean Design notation.





Helifuel @ Nor-Shipping 2017

Helifuel will be participating at the Nor-Shipping conference in Lillestrøm starting Tuesday May 30th. Helifuel will have a complete Helifuel dispensing unit on display at the show.

Helifuel design, engineer, manufacture, test, and support helicopter refuelling systems for different maritime segments such as oil industry, shipping, yachts, military and wind. This includes deliveries for offshore construction vessels and expedition/cruise vessels.

“Our clients from the shipping industry have requirements and needs that are different from the other industries we supply to. There are off-course also many similarities between industries and in many cases the industries and the requirements cross. It is important to understand the regulations that apply and the client need, and finally understand the differences. The devils lies in the details. We have this knowledge and experience” says sales engineer Lars Hovda.

Lars is originally a naval architect and have several years of experience working in the maritime industry. This background is very relevant, understanding client needs in this industry.

Helifuel will be showing off a complete dispensing unit at this year’s show. The dispensing unit is the main part of the refuelling system. This is the part including filtration systems, hose, refuelling nozzle, and other required features.

“The dispensing unit we will have on display at the show is very relevant for ships as it has limited footprint, holds Type approval from DNV-GL and ABS and design approvals by BV and LR”, Lars continues.

Lars will be present at the Nor-Shipping exhibition all week, accompanied with CEO Jorunn Håvardsholm.

It is important for us to participate at Nor-Shipping as many of our existing and potential clients are there. Bringing a dispensing unit to the show is always popular”, says Jorunn Håvardsholm

“The unit we are bringing to the show receives positive feedback on its thoughtful design focusing on user-friendliness and has proven to be a very cost effective solution. The design is based on the company standard product portfolio which has been developed through years of experience and feedback from clients”, Jorunn continues.

Helifuel will be located in hall C, stand C02-12.

Helifuel welcome existing and potential clients and partners to the booth.


Helifuel systems to the worlds largest offshore wind farm

Helifuel has been awarded the contract to supply 3 complete helicopter refuelling systems to the worlds largest offshore wind farm.

This wind farm is developed by Dong Energy whom is the market leader in the segment of wind.

We are very proud to be the chosen vendor for this prestige project within offshore wind. The refuelling systems for this project require innovative, trustworthy and efficient solutions. The HSE factors are highly prioritized, says Oddvar Østensvik, VP Sales.

Located off the Yorkshire coast, Hornsea Project One will span a huge area of approximately 407 square kilometres, which is over five times the size of the city of Hull. The offshore wind farm will use 7 megawatt (MW) wind turbines, with each one 190 metres tall – larger than the Gherkin building in London.


A customized helicopter refuelling system is delivered to be installed on the Shell Appomattox project.

Helifuel system to Shell Appomattox project

A customized helicopter refuelling system sypplied by Helifuel AS will be installed on the Shell Appomattox project.

The equipment will be installed on the Appomattox platform to be located offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi Canyon Block 437.

The contract was awarded November 2015 and the system was delivered end of 2016. Helifuel was contracted to provide a custom designed helicopter refuelling system including engineering, manufacturing, testing meeting Shell and the latest regulatory requirements.

The contract is of great value to Helifuel both from an economic standpoint and as an endorsement by Shell of Helifuel’s capabilities and qualifications, says Jorunn Håvardsholm CEO in Helifuel.
This contract proves that we are capable of handling large and complex projects for the worlds strongest companies, she continoues.

Helifuel has provided a number of refuelling systems to Shell over the years, most notable a system for the Mars B Olympus platform. The relationship between the two companies has developed with mutual sharing of knowledge and improvements to designs with a focus on achieving the highest standards of safety.

We are very proud to have Shell as a client and to include the Appomatox on our reference list.