Helifuel system to the REV research and exploration vessel

Helifuel AS has secured a contract to deliver a helicopter refuelling system to the REV research vessel designed by Vard Ship Design.

The research vessel will not only be the world’s most advanced, it will also be built according to passenger ship rules. With a crew of 30 and accommodating 60 researchers, emphasis is placed on comfort and good research.

The ship will be 181m long and 22m wide and will involve state of the art equipment.

The ship will have equipment for measurements in both the atmosphere and below the surface, down to 6,000 meters depth.
I will also be able to collect and burn plastic waste from the ocean.

The Norwegian investor Kjell Inge Røkke is financing the ship and its operations in co-operation with World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) (www.tu.no)

The helicopter refuelling system will be delivered to Vard Ship Design in 2019.

“Customized and compact solutions are key in designing helicopter refuelling systems to such ships. We have supplied several customized solutions to similar applications in recent years. From the experience gained Helifuel is confident that our system for the REV will conform to requirements for this ship.” says Managing Director, Jorunn Håvardsholm.

“We are looking forward to co-operating with Vard on this delivery, and to indirectly take part in the global environmental contributions”