Helicopter Refuelling Systems – Standard Product Portfolio

Helifuel’s specialisation focusing solely on helicopter refueling systems is unique in this niche sector. Availing of Helifuel’s expertise, experience and support is a distinct advantage to Helifuel customers.

Helifuel has incorporated years of operator feedback and customer support to ensure our designs meet the highest safety standards, while facilitating ergonomic operation and maintenance.

The Helifuel standard product portfolio incorporates modular manufacturing and assembly practices to deliver cost effective solutions to the highest quality standards.

Helifuel aims to satisfy many buying criteria with its standard solutions.

Whether we are trying to satisfy designers, to keep regulations and safety in focus, purchasers with cost effective solutions or operators with a focus on user friendly and maintenance friendly solutions, our standard designs offer many advantages.

Helifuel Standard Product Portfolio includes the following components:

Dispensing Units

Pump Units


JET A-1 Tanks

Jet a1 tank

Why choose standard product portfolio?

The design and equipment have been tried and tested in the field.
Helifuel has applied 20 years of experience to ensure the standardized products are safe reliable, user-friendly, complying with required regulations, including Type Approval / Design Approval / Unit Certification all at a competitive price.