Measurement of specific gravity is required in some areas / recommended in other areas.

An electronic density meter simplifies this operation (available in EX and non EX version). Density measurement is usually performed with a hydrometer. The measured density upon arrival must be converted to specific density at 15degree C according to ASTM-IP density reduction table (53).Save time, avoid errors and spills!

The instrument measures the temperature and relative density, and converts automatically to specific density by means of a built-in table.
The test procedure is now performed in seconds and gives accurate display of the specific density.
The instrument is designed for one hand operation and weighs 270 g.

– Pipette-style pump

– Can also be filled with syringe

– Large LCD-panel, with good readability from any angle, shows the density and the temperature of the sample.

– A number of tables and curves for the determination of concentrations are integrated. E.g. ASTM-IP table 53. When this table is activated, the instrument will automatically show the specific density of the sample

– Permanently stored concentration tables

– Memory for 1024 samples

– Accessories: RS 232 interface / infrared port for PC